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How We’re Different

Many times, when you read news reports about electric vehicle research studies, they refer to “PEV drivers” as if they were one giant tribe of likeminded members who look, think and act alike.

Of course there are commonalities, but the bigger reality is the “plug-in nation” is comprised of many different tribes, with distinctly different demographics, motivations, experiences and outlooks. It’s a mosaic. PlugInsights is designed to tease out these differences and represent the true population of PEV drivers.

We do this by surveying large, reliable numbers of PEV drivers of different vehicles and engine technologies. It’s like the concept of camera resolution: the more pixels the clearer the image. This also allows us to “zoom into” highly specific driver segments based on the type of vehicle they drive, their attitudes, behaviors, demography, and more.

Another way we ensure our research findings reflect the “real world” is by mathematically balancing our sample to match the actual population of American PEV owner/leasers. By weighting responses based on the known (or estimated) sales of PEVs to date, by make and model, we ensure that no subgroup unfairly “outshouts” any other, and that our findings are as representative as possible of the true universe of drivers.

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Contact us directly at info@pluginsights.com, or call Managing Director, Norman Hajjar, at 818–689–0660.