The PlugInsights U.S. PEV Charging Study: 4TH Quarter, 2013

Essential reading for decision makers in the U.S. PEV community: a fresh, in-depth look at what it means to charge a PEV in America, harnessing the opinions and attitudes of more than 2% of all PEV domestic drivers.

 Over 40 pages in depth, richly illustrated, featuring over 60 tables and analytic commentary, plus a complete set of PowerPoint slides for use in your presentations. Detailed findings are broken out by PEV technology type, including all PEV drivers, PHEV drivers, BEV drivers, BEV mid-range drivers (such as the Nissan LEAF), and BEV long-range drivers (Tesla).

Here’s Just a Portion of What’s Inside


  • Share of all charging occasions by locations: home, work, public free and public pay
  • How often drivers plug-in


  • Frequency of public charging, including the length of average public charge sessions
  • Public charging station equipment reliability, attitudes toward congestion, ease of operation, reservation systems
  • What drivers do while waiting for their vehicles to charge
  • Authorizing and paying for a charge: in practice vs. “ideal”
  • Fast chargers: usage and attitudes
  • Awareness and “share of use” for charging networks


  • Longest trip taken, by vehicle technology
  • Ideal number of range miles to eliminate “range anxiety”
  • Incidence of dead battery stranding and “close calls”
  • Commuting and range issues


  • What people paid for home charging station hardware/installation plus attitudes toward the process
  • Market share for home charging station manufacturers
  • PEV driver charging formats
  • Home charging frequency
  • Solar charging penetration and environmental attitudes
  • Use of and satisfaction with apps to monitor home charging
  • Awareness and use of special EV utility rates


  • Getting ICEd, and what to do about it
  • Who has priority at a public charging location: PHEV vs. BEV
  • Unplugging other drivers’ vehicles
  • The “polite” length of time to charge
  • Interacting with other drivers


  • Table support for every chart and data citation.
  • Word cloud graphics
  • Analytic essay
  • Methodology

This is the first in a series of PEV-focused studies from PlugInsights, using our proprietary driver panel consisting of nearly 3% of all PEV owner/leasers in the U.S. We also supply custom survey research and qualitative research (including focus groups, 1 on 1 interviews) to companies in the PEV community.